At Agivant, we empower businesses to harness the power and versatility of AI and Data to identify transformative advantages, generate actionable insights, enable autonomous decision-making, and enhance the customer experience. Our solutions help organizations define an AI strategy, develop new business models, and improve outcomes in key areas of operations by turning data into actionable insights along the way.
Agivant AI & Hyperintelligent Rapid Prototype Lab
Agivant AI & Hyperintelligent Rapid Prototype Lab is deeply invested in developing best practices, reusable frameworks, and competencies. We follow a Fail Fast approach to deliver mission critical technology and domain solutions. Our Lab delivers business critical solutions using the collaborative Agile delivery Model.
Our innovation lab Architects and Data Scientists engages with customers to pick a mission critical use case and deliver rapid prototypes in 4 to 6 weeks. Here are a few examples:
Data exploration for a large call center to identify key patterns to enable data scientists to build robust forecasting models.
Piloting GitHub Copilot to increase developer’s efficiencies.
Industry Cloud Scale Analytics Best practices to process large scale real-time data.
Integrating AI and Engineering tools to build next generation digital platforms.
Technology selection process to recommend best in class tools / frameworks.
Our results-oriented approach to intelligent transformation, helping businesses leverage AI and data-driven solutions to achieve their goals. Here’s how we assist organizations in realizing the potential of AI-driven transformation:

AI Strategy and Use Cases

Identify AI use cases aligned with your objectives and develop a focused AI strategy for measurable benefits and innovation.

Advanced Analytics and Data Insights

Our experts leverage cutting-edge analytics techniques to extract valuable insights from your data.

Data Integration and Optimization

We help you in optimizing data infrastructure, integrating disparate data sources, and implementing robust data governance.

Early Adoption of AI

Gain a competitive edge by leveraging AI technologies such as machine learning and predictive analytics.

AI-Driven Automation and Personalization

we help you streamline operations, improve efficiency, and deliver personalized experiences to your customers.

Generative AI for Automation

Streamline content creation through Generative AI, automating processes and increasing productivity.

Benefits of Our AI and Data Services


Customer focused engagement model to demonstrate the value through Rapid Prototypes


Ability to finish critical proof of concepts within 4 to 6 weeks with minimal overhead on key customer stakeholders.


Customer demo with clear implementation roadmap to maximize the value of investments.

Case Studies

Partnerships and Solutions

Talk to us to help your organization modernize data and analytics using next generation cloud-enabled platforms to enable an AI and data-powered organization.

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Agivant is a new-age AI-First Digital and Cloud Engineering services company that drives Agility and Relevance for our client's success.

Powered by cutting-edge technology solutions that enable new business models and revenue streams, we help our customers achieve their trajectory of growth.

Agility is a core muscle, an integral part of the fabric of a modern enterprise.

To succeed in an ever-changing business environment, every modern organization needs to adapt and renew itself quickly. We help foster a more agile approach to business to reconfigure strategy, structure, and processes to achieve more growth and drive greater efficiencies.

Relevance is timeless, and is the only way to survive, and to thrive.

The quest for relevance defines the exponential acceleration of humanity. This has presented us with a slew of opportunities, but also many unprecedented challenges. With technology-led innovation, we help our customers harness these opportunities and address the myriad challenges.