Platform Engineering

Platform engineering helps businesses enhance their engineering capabilities that enables them to build and optimize new products, expand their services portfolio, and facilitate new business models.
We help modernize enterprise software delivery and drive continuous innovation by reducing the cognitive load on developers and optimizing the developer experience. Platform engineering services, spanning the entire product lifecycle, enable continuous innovation and drives efficiencies.
AI is the bridge to derive business insights from large sets of data while automating and optimizing business operations. The average number of AI capabilities that organizations use has doubled in the last few years and the level of investment in AI has increased alongside its rising adoption.
Bringing cloud, data, and AI together can help organizations make smarter and faster decisions to deliver better business outcomes. We harness the power of predictability and business insights to foster a data-driven, intelligent organization.
Expanding digital platforms transformation is essential for a modern enterprise. We help enterprises expand and modernize their product and service portfolio with built-in intelligence, business agility, real-time observability, and high degree of security.
We facilitate customer success via competitive differentiation and market expansion to achieve profit maximization. We help enterprises build differentiated products, services, and platforms and provide end-to-end consulting and implementation services in their cloud transformation initiatives.
We help our clients develop tailored, industry-specific cloud services and applications built for strategic use-cases as well as the security standards and compliance coverage unique to those specific industries.
Instead of traditional rip-and-replace transformations, we drive business transformation of organizations with agile and innovative vertical solutions across industries.
Human-Centered Design principles allow building products and services based on the understanding of needs, behaviors, and desirability of the end-users. These principles combined with high-end engineering capabilities help drive the new evolving business models. It puts real people at the center by enabling organizations to build experiences rather than products and services.
We help organizations develop efficient and effective products by employing an evolved ideation-to-development process designed for end users.

How We Help Our Clients

Leading enterprises with exponential growth are differentiated by adopting technology innovations at faster pace to launch new business models and evolving ecosystems
Conceptualize and Design Digital Platforms – Partner with enterprises to design new products, services and business ecosystems through innovative technologies
Expand, transform products and platform – Transform enterprises by building intelligent & dynamic platforms to drive customer success and market expansion
Augment Engineering – Help enterprises by augmenting the right technology team to achieve their business objectives most effectively

Partnerships and Solutions

Talk to us to maximize the potential of your digital transformation initiatives with the most optimum and effective technology solutions that respond to your business priorities.

DevOps Engineer

Industry experience: 10 Years
Location: Pune

Agivant is a new-age AI-First Digital and Cloud Engineering services company that drives Agility and Relevance for our client's success.

Powered by cutting-edge technology solutions that enable new business models and revenue streams, we help our customers achieve their trajectory of growth.

Agility is a core muscle, an integral part of the fabric of a modern enterprise.

To succeed in an ever-changing business environment, every modern organization needs to adapt and renew itself quickly. We help foster a more agile approach to business to reconfigure strategy, structure, and processes to achieve more growth and drive greater efficiencies.

Relevance is timeless, and is the only way to survive, and to thrive.

The quest for relevance defines the exponential acceleration of humanity. This has presented us with a slew of opportunities, but also many unprecedented challenges. With technology-led innovation, we help our customers harness these opportunities and address the myriad challenges.