Agivant’s Hyper Intelligent Automation
In today’s rapidly evolving technological landscape, businesses continually seek innovative solutions to streamline operations, enhance productivity, and drive growth. Hyper-Intelligent Automation (HIA) emerges as a groundbreaking platform that combines the power of artificial intelligence (AI), robotic process automation (RPA), and machine learning (ML) to revolutionize business processes.
Agivant’s AI-First Digital Engineering Team incorporates advanced document processing capabilities and leverages AI-powered bots throughout the engineering life cycle. Our strategic collaborations with industry-leading Intelligent Automation solutions provider – WorkFusion- make this possible.
Some Examples of The Transformative Capabilities of HIA And Its Impact on Businesses Across Industries Are as Follows:
HIA recognizes the intrinsic value of human skills, creativity, and problem-solving abilities. By automating mundane and repetitive activities, HIA liberates human potential, allowing individuals to engage in higher-level decision-making, innovation, and building meaningful relationships. The Agivant team utilizes automation capabilities to help organizations focus on more strategic tasks and add value.
Agivant tech team leverages HIA ML algorithms to enable systems to learn from data, experiences, and feedback. This adaptive learning capability enables HIA to continuously improve its performance, accuracy, and decision-making.
As humans interact with HIA systems, they contribute to the learning process, creating a collaborative learning cycle that benefits humans and machines.
HIA emphasizes ethical considerations and transparency. We design our HIA systems with accountability, explainability, and auditability as top priorities. Human oversight is crucial for ethical and regulatory compliance in HIA systems. It helps humans understand and interpret the decisions made by these systems. Agivant HIA Team enables the framework to incorporate a Governance Layer that oversees the entire automation ecosystem.
HIA promotes a culture of working together and producing new ideas in organizations. It encourages people to collaborate with machines, allowing employees to be involved in creating, implementing, and improving automation solutions.
By combining different viewpoints and combining human creativity with machine intelligence, HIA helps generate groundbreaking innovations and contributes to the organization’s growth.
HIA leverages Al algorithms to process and understand complex data, enabling machines to interpret unstructured information and perform cognitive tasks. Al-powered capabilities include natural language understanding, image recognition, sentiment analysis, and intelligent decision-making. Agivant team is well versed with all the latest technologies making the automation more intelligent, adaptable, and efficient.
The HIA system boasts flexibility, adjusting to varying business requirements and technological advancements. The flexibility of HIA allows organizations to integrate new technologies, data sources, and processes seamlessly.
Agivant team, while working with partners like WorkFusion, embraces open standards and APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) to facilitate seamless integration with external systems and technologies.
What HIA Can Do in A Real-Life Scenario of Financial Institutions? Some Of the Significant Features Of HIA:

Document Processing Automation:

  • Document Classification: AI algorithms analyze incoming loan applications and automatically classify them based on predefined categories (e.g., personal loans, mortgage loans, business loans). This automation reduces the manual effort of sorting and categorizing documents.
  • Data Extraction: NLP algorithms extract relevant information from loan application documents, such as personal details, income, employment history, and financial statements. This automated data extraction eliminates the need for manual data entry, reducing errors and improving efficiency.
  • Document Validation: Machine learning models are created to verify documents and ensure they comply with all necessary standards and regulations. The system can check for missing information, verify signatures, and cross-reference data with external sources for accuracy.

Intelligent Chatbot Integration

  • Application Status Updates: Intelligent chatbots are integrated into the loan application system, allowing customers to inquire about the status of their applications. Chatbots use NLP techniques to understand user queries and provide real-time updates on application progress, ensuring transparency and reducing customer service inquiries.
  • Document Submission Assistance: Chatbots guide customers through the document submission process, providing instructions and clarifying any ambiguities. They can verify if the necessary documents have been uploaded, help in case of errors or omissions, and address common queries regarding document requirements.
  • Eligibility Assessment: Chatbots can interactively collect additional information from customers to determine their eligibility for specific loan products. Chatbots can assess eligibility criteria by asking relevant questions and analyzing customer responses, such as credit score, income level, and loan-to-value ratios.
Intelligent automation represents the evolution of robotics, merging traditional automation’s structured approach with machine learning’s adaptability and the ingenuity of cognitive technologies. It equips organizations with intelligent solutions that go beyond automating repetitive tasks. With Intelligent Automation, software bots can learn, improve decision-making, and adapt their actions as they accumulate knowledge over time.

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